Our Leadership and Structure

The current Board of Directors membership is:

Executive Directors:

  • Deborah Lee - Chief Executive
  • Stuart Diggles​ - Interim Finance Director
  • Maggie Arnold - Nursing Director
  • Dr Sally Pearson - Director of Clinical Strategy
  • Dr Sean Elyan - Medical Director
  • Dave Smith - Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development
  • Eric Gatling - Director of Service Delivery

Non-Executive Directors:

  • Peter Lachecki - Chair
  • Keith Norton - Non-Executive Director
  • Tony Foster - Non-Executive Director
  • Tracey Barber - Non-Executive Director
  • Helen Munro - Non-Executive Director
  • Rhona Macdonald - Non-Executive Director

Biographies of the board members and executive directors can be found here along with details of the board meetings.

For the Senior Management Team structure chart, please click here.

The Trust has four clinical divisions, each structured appropriately to deliver their varied functions and responsibilities. The main priority of each division is to deliver the highest quality patient care and continuously work towards improving the patient experience.

The four provider divisions are:

  • Medicine
  • Women and Children
  • Diagnostic & Specialities
  • Surgery

To view the Clinical Structure Chart please click here.

Each Division is headed by a Chief of Service who is responsible for the clinical and financial performance of their directorate. Chiefs of Service are clinicians and work closely with nursing and managerial colleagues within a Divisional Leadership team.

There is also two further Divisions which is responsible for service areas e.g. catering, estates, maintenance and corporate services.

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