Our Strategic Objectives, Mission, Vision and Values

Our goals (or Strategic Objectives) for the future are part of a framework made up of our Mission, Vision and our Values.

Our Mission

Improving health by putting patients at the centre of excellent specialist health care.

Our Vision

Best care for everyone.

Our Services

To improve year on year the safety of our organisation for patients, visitors and staff and the outcomes for our patients

To continue to improve the quality of care we deliver to our patients and reduce variation

  • To improve the care of emergency patients through the implementation of the SAFER Programme
  • To reduce the likelihood of missed fractures in ED
  • To reduce the number of lower limb amputations in patients with diabetes
  • To improve the management of patients with sepsis
  • To improve the management of patients with Acute Kidney Injury
  • To implement the National Safety standards for Invasive procedures
  • To ensure antibiotics are prescribed in accordance with local formularies
  • To improve care for people with dementia and delirium

To continue to align our services between our sites

  • To improve the management of patients requiring emergency abdominal surgery
  • To improve the management of patients with fractured neck of femur

To future proof our services through clinical collaboration

  • To contribute to the development of an emergency care network

To improve the health and wellbeing of our staff, patients and the wider community

  • To implement the staff and the patient health and wellbeing strategy
  • To contribute to the countywide obesity strategy 

Our Patients

To improve year on year the experience of our patients

To continue to treat our patients with care and compassion

  • To improve our discharge processes
  • To improve the transition from children to adult services
  • To implement the Living with and Beyond Cancer Programme
  • To improve our End of Life care
  •  To meet all waiting time standards To improve our services based on what we learn from those who use them 

To provide care closer to home where safe and appropriate

  • To contribute to the countywide service transformation programme 

Our Staff

To develop further a highly skilled and motivated and engaged workforce which continually strives to improve patient care and trust performance

To develop leadership both within our organisation and across the health and social care system

  • To progress our organisational development programme
  • To ensure all staff in the leadership roles are trained in service improvement methodology

To redesign our workforce

  • To progress our Seven Day Services Programme
  • To reduce vacancy rates for Band 5 Nurses from 9.5% to <5%
  • To have implemented a coherent plan for sustaining clinical services in areas of significant current and future shortages, particularly with regards to junior and middle grade doctors. 

Our Business

To ensure our organisation is stable and viable with the resources to deliver its vision

To improve our internal efficiency

  • To deliver the Cost Improvement Programme

To improve our clinical estate

  • To implement approved schemes from our capital programme
  • To progress our site development programme

Harnessing the benefits of information technology

  • To implement SmartCare
  • To contribute to the countywide information sharing project

Exploiting the opportunities for new markets

  • To develop capacity and capability to identify new markets and technologies and promote commercialisation
  • To develop a clear private patient offer 
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